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Caterpillar Radiators

Our workshops are fully equipped to handle even the largest haul truck radiators so that they can be serviced and returned to the customer in the minimum timeframe.

We are the only radiator service workshop in Australia that manufactures its own radiator cores that meet or exceed OEM specifications. This allows us to pass on the benefits of manufacture-direct pricing to our customers and also to offer unbeatable lead times where time is of the essence.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment has the capability to make Caterpillar cores in the original Cat tube pattern, in copper, brass or steel, including with centre mounting bars where required. We maintain a large stock of replacement cores on the shelf plus an expanding range of recored service exchange radiators crated and ready to despatch.

Our quality is the best on the market, and by buying direct from the manufacturer you will save costs every time because you will not be paying an expensive middle-man mark up.

We Guarantee That We Will Never Be Beaten On Price!

ALSO We stock a large range of new aftermarket panels and seals that are priced very competitively against expensive OE parts.
*Caterpillar and CAT are registered trade marks of Caterpillar Inc.All reference to Caterpillar models, part numbers and components are for reference only and do not imply that they are the products of this manufacturer.

Caterpillar Radiator Tank Rebuilding

If you have a Cat folded core radiator, you will probably have experienced rust and corrosion around the panel locating holes in the tank, leading to failure.

This is caused by corrosion pitting the metal surface around the hole causing it to eventually become out-of-round and oversized, and then to leak.

In the past, this was deemed unrepairable and an expensive new tank was required. We now have a solution to repair these tank failures by maching the holes back to round and then installing special brass inserts. This is a permanent repair and will probably outlast the lifetime of the machine, avoiding expensive downtime for similar repairs in the future.

The cost is  reasonable and will save thousands of dollars by eliminating the need to buy new replacement tanks.

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