Great Service is Important – Time is Money!

Poor cooling system maintenance accounts for more than 50% of engine failures, and we understand how expensive downtime caused by such failures  impacts directly on your bottom line.We are here to provide the support and service that you need to keep your equipment operational, and to help you to minimise your equipment maintenance costs.

The principal objective in our service workshops is to extend the working life of the radiators and oil coolers that our customers send to us.Decades of experience in this field has led to the development of specialised cleaning, descaling and decarbonising processes which include the latest developments in vibrasonics and both mechanical and chemical treatments.

All Radiators and Coolers are Totally Rebuilt to Original Specifications

In some instances rebuilt with extra cooling capacity where increased performance is required. We have developed specialised welding techniques for processes such as the repair or recoring of aluminium oil coolers, and for the retubing of shell and tube heat exchangers.


Every cooler is high pressure tested (including in hot tanks where required) before despatch, and all repair and service work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of our quality management system.

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