Products / Aluminium Oil Coolers

High quality aluminium coolers are fabricated at Abbotts Industrial Cooling for Air/Oil or Air/Air applications on compressors, mobile and stationary equipment as well as for use on remote oil cooling packages.The availability of aluminium cores manufactured in the highly effective plate and bar configuration has enabled Abbotts to supply coolers of high strength, high conductivity and low weight.

These coolers have operational capabilities in high pressure ranges and have an excellent resistance to corrosion and vibration failure.Because of the relative strength and efficiency of these coolers, they are often supplied as “ready-to-fit” exact (or more efficient) replacements for pre existing coolers which have failed due to fatigue or damage.

We maintain large stocks of coolers and offer short lead times for custom-built projects.

Complete AIR/Oil Cooling Packages

Abbotts provides a range of high quality skid mounted oil cooling packages complete with cooler core, shroud, and options of hydraulic, electric or belt driven fans.

These cooling systems are typically used as remote mounted hydraulic oil coolers, or are fitted as additional coolers where extra cooling capacity is required due to high ambient temperatures.

Typical Applications Include

  • Free appraisal and quotation
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Heavy duty replacement radiators
  • Large range of exchange radiators on the shelf
  • New cores manufactured in copper, brass or steel
  • Tank fabrication and custom building
  • Quality management system test certification with every job
  • All workmanship guaranteed

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