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We provide the transport industry with charge air coolers, air-to-air coolers, aftercoolers and intercoolers. Most charge air coolers fail due to stress cracks in the corners.We have the expertise to aluminium repair, recore, or even supply brand new replacements if necessary.

Our shelf stock includes new replacements for most models of trucks and buses, and we can provide custom built replacements with short lead times.The charge air cooler is a component of a high-tech induction system designed to improve engine combustion efficiency, to provide more horsepower, to increase fuel efficiency and to reduce engine emissions.

Symptoms of a leaking Charge Air Cooler

A leaking charge air cooler will lessen horsepower, increase fuel consumption and increase your operating costs.

If your truck is showing any of these symptoms listed below, the chances are your CAC is leaking and costing you money!
  • Sudden or gradual loss of power
  • Increase in fuel consumption
  • Higher engine operating temperatures
  • Excessive black smoke from the exhaust stacks
  • Loss of turbo boost
  • Exhaust manifold failure
  • Turbo failure, premature piston, ring and valve failure
  • Whistling noise from engine compartment

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