Products / Heat Exchangers

Shell and Tube

Our staff has many years of experience servicing, repairing and retubing shell and tube heat exchangers and U-tube bundles.

We can fabricate new heat exchangers using copper, brass, copper nickel or steel tubes which can be mechanically expanded, soldered, silver soldered or welded according to the application required.

Our range of shell and tube heat exchangers is widely used for liquid/liquid and liquid/ gas applications such as oil cooling, condensing, jacket water or exhaust gas cooling, and they are capable of operating under the most arduous conditions.

We offer the full range of Bowman oil coolers and Bowman heat exchangers at very competitive prices.

Spiral Fin

Spiral fined tube is manufactured by Abbotts for use in heat exchangers where specifications require high pressure ratings and high resistance to corrosion/erosion.

Spiral fin coolers are extremely robust, easy to clean and less susceptible to fouling than conventional solid core oil coolers.

Wire wound inserts are inserted internally in order to disrupt laminar flow and to reduce the effects of boundary layers by inducing turbulent flow. These tubulator inserts contribute to excellent tube side heat transfer coefficients.

Mechanically bonded Spiral Fin Heat Exchangers are generally used in air blast applications and typically as oil and gas coolers in corrosive environments where conventional coolers would be susceptible to clogging.

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